The school

With pleasure we welcome you to the Ski School Centrale and Snowboard. Our School is located in the center of Livigno is made up by local instructors and they can suggest you Livigno’s best, helping you to live your holiday unforgettable. Time has provided us with professional experience and quality distinguish each of our instructors. The INTERALPEN travel agency in agreement in our school will apply special prices to your ski or snowboard lessons.


Our qualified instructors in the teaching of the various winter disciplines will accompany you in fantastic adventures on the snow making you live a unique experience.

Know them all!


The old and historic Ski School Livigno Winter Summer was born in the late fifties, when the first tourists began to attend to Livigno, looking for someone who could teach them skiing.

YEAR 60'S/70'S

When in the Sixties and Seventies Livigno began to become a renowned tourist resort, the Ski School Winter Estate assumed an increasingly important role, with a notable increase in the number of teachers and tourists who were getting closer and closer to snow sports.

YEAR 80'S/90'S

Since the eighties the school has continued to grow, both in size with a staff of 80 instructors, mainly the inhabitants of Livigno, and in the organization, so much so that it has long been considered one of the most important in the regional and national ski panorama.


From today our school has more than 120 teachers, each specialized in different disciplines. The noticeable arrival of foreign tourists from all over Europe has encouraged teachers to learn other languages, especially those of Eastern Europe, due to the significant arrival of tourists from Russia and Poland.

The school has not only increased its staff but also added services such as rental and storage of equipment and also, for children, is available the Kinder Club active in both winter and summer. The Kinder Club is also a valid point of support for parents who want to spend time together allowing their children to have fun before and after classes.